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HWarwick Concrete Drivewayaving a driveway at your home will raise the value of your property. To ensure that your concrete driveway looks good for a long time, seek the best Warwick RI concrete driveway contractors. There are several specifications we follow to give you the best driveway.

The materials used and the quality of the craft will determine how well your driveway performs and looks. There are several procedures we follow to make sure we give you a problem-free driveway. Thickness is one factor we consider. It will determine how strong your driveway becomes. Our professionals ensure that the concrete has a minimum width of 4 inches.

Depending on customer specifications and wants, we may increase the thickness to 5 inches. One percent increase in thickness increases the loading capacity of your driveway by nearly 40%. Additionally, as your local concrete contractor, we ensure the edges are 3 inches thicker. The edges are subjected to the most loading hence the need to be stronger.

The weather patterns and soil conditions of your locality may require that your driveway is thicker. At Warwick Concrete Services, we have soil experts to advise and give recommendations on what is needed. To add the structural capacity of your driveway, we use steel reinforcements. The reinforcements are helpful if you experience heavy traffic. We make sure we place blocks under these reinforcements so that they are always centered.

To prevent cracking, we place control joints at a spacing of 10 feet. Moreover, we ensure there is an isolation joint where your sidewalk, pavements, garage floor slab, and driveway meet. We provide proper drainage to get rid of stagnant water.

Services Offered By Our Warwick Concrete Driveway Contractors

a. Driveway Resurfacing In Warwick 

Your driveway will be exposed to pressure daily. Over time, the elements, weight of the vehicles, and oil leaks will degrade your driveway’s surface. Failed drainage, potholes, stains, and cracks make the driveway look old and tired.

Nonetheless, this does not mean you replace it altogether. At Warwick Concrete Services, we will resurface the driveway for you. Resurfacing will protect against discoloration and future damage. Our staff will start by cleaning the concrete using a pressure washer to remove oil and dirt.

We do resurfacing for large holes and cracks, whereas for discoloration, we cover using a concrete overlay. We add decorative finishes, including coloring and stamping, to your driveway. Your driveway will look brand new without the expense of tearing it off.

b. Driveway Repair In Warwick 

For the small holes and cracks, they pose no structural threat, and we will easily patch or fill them for you. Patches and filers have some differences to the original concrete. If there are so many fixes, your concrete may look blotchy, which is not appealing.

At Warwick Concrete Services, we ensure that the patches are intact so that there is no reopening of the hole or crack.

c. Driveway Restoration In Warwick 

There are several restoration options that we may apply to your driveway. Once it is worn out, your driveway needs a new lease of life.

• Concrete Engraving

At Warwick Concrete Services, we employ engraving to improve the aesthetics of the driveway. Your driveway may be having some discoloration or minor cracks, which may make it look messy. We use engraving to hide the flaws.

We draw a pattern over the flaws in the concrete, and no one can notice the problem. Before engraving, we apply a stain on the concrete part before cutting the pattern using the machine.

• Slabjacking

In some instances, you may find that your driveway has localized sinking. The problem comes from compaction that is not standardized. Through Slabjacking, we restore how the driveway looks like by raising it to its original position. We pump a mixture of sand and cement underneath the concrete so that it reaches the original position.

d. Concrete Driveway Sealing In Warwick

Sealing your concrete driveway is one way of extending its lifespan. Thankfully, we at Warwick Concrete Services, do it quickly without wasting much of your time. Water is the culprit that damages your driveway quickly. During winter, water expands 9 percent creating a force that breaks the concrete.
Sealing your concrete helps in reducing amounts of water that it can absorb. Before applying the sealer, we have to clean your driveway first and let it dry. Water may dilute the sealer causing problems.

Advantages Of Hiring Concrete Driveway Contractors In Warwick

a. Reduces Tension

You cannot repair your driveway by yourself. You need the services of a professional, and at Warwick Concrete Services, we are here to help. It would be best if you had the necessary machinery and tools to achieve this feat. Moreover, you do not have the expertise required—no need to worry as we are here to help you out.

b. Quality Work

Because of the extensive knowledge that we have, you are assured we will give you the highest quality driveway. We will meet the highest of standards as we craft it to last long. We will provide you with the look you like with all the attributes you need.

c. Best Materials

At Warwick Concrete Services, we always use the best materials while constructing your driveway. We use the best resins, gravel, and other materials giving the best driveway. We concentrate on giving you the best as we build on our reputation.

d. Cost-Effective

By employing a professional concrete contractor, you will save a lot of money as there is zero waste of resources. We will produce the best quality driveway using the least of resources. You can also be assured that it will last for along time.

Why Choose Our Concrete Driveway Contractors In Warwick Rhode Island?

Do you have a concrete driveway project in the pipeline? Our company Warwick Concrete Services is a concrete specialist with years of experience. We specialize in making concrete driveways, maintenance, repair, and installation.

Businesses and homeowners seek our services because of the quality of work, attention, unmatched craftsmanship, and customer care.

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